Fisk / MEI Inspection Services - Quality Assurance Worldwide

Mill Surveillance

Proper inspection procedures at the mill can reduce and /or eliminate the need for third party receiving inspection. QAE can assist by:

cccccciin Reviewing purchase orders for compliance to API, Proprietary Specifications and special requirements

    n Representing purchaser during the planning, manufacturing, and inspection of product

    n Verifying the completed product meets the specified requirements, and is properly documented in compliance with API, ASTM and/or the purchasers specific requirement

    n Establishing specific inspection criteria and document the inspections performed

    n Working with the manufacturers shipping department to minimize handling damage on the finished product when leaving the mill

QAE has associates in major tubular manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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QAE, Inc. provides technical support services to companies engaged in various types of engineered projects, including refinery and petrochemical facilities, gas processing plants, power stations, steel mills, gas transmission facilities and pipelines, subsea well completions, and drilling & completion of critical service onshore/offshore oil & gas wells.